Southwest Eye Institute VIP Laser Program

VIP Program

You become a Very Important Patient (VIP) when you decide to come to the Southwest Eye Institute
for your laser vision correction. This includes:

LASIK vs. PRK:With laser vision correction, you have the choice between LASIK and PRK. Both have their benefits and in our hands we find that typically several months later both procedures have the same result. Thus, the question of which procedure is better for your eyes is answered after a thorough discussion with your surgeon, that’s the VIP way!

Actual Laser Correction Patient

I cannot begin to thank you Dr. De la Torre and your amazing staff for giving me the gift of vision. The one on one personal experience made the LASIK procedure that much easier. I now don’t have to worry about falling asleep with my glasses on or wonder if I have any contacts left when a special occasion arises. I am so grateful that I finally went through with this wonderful experience and that all of you were a part of it.

Martha Estrada

El Paso, TX

Actual Laser Correction Patient

As a graduate student and someone who had been wearing glasses and contacts for the past 22 years, I was truly amazed at how quick and life-changing my LASIK results were.  I was blessed in having chosen Southwest Eye Institute and Dr. Javier De La Torre as my LASIK provider.  He was able to walk me through, step by step, on what I was to expect during and after the procedure. From the initial consultation to scheduling all subsequent appointments, and especially during the surgery itself, I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Dr. De La Torre was able to correct my astigmatism and nearsightedness and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I’ve noticed that my eyes get less tired and even less irritated than they did when I would wear contacts or glasses.  I am truly satisfied with my results and I would definitely recommend Dr. De la Torre at the Southwest Eye Institute.

Violeta Salais

Grenada, West Indies